Caring for your Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are great pets, and with Reptile One it's easy to keep them happy and healthy. We have prepared a handy 'Shopping List' below to help you set up a Bearded Dragon enclosure.

RTF-1200S Terrarium

Bearded Dragons enjoy space to run, climb and hide. The generously sized RTF 1200S provides the space your Bearded Dragon will need at 120l x 60w x 60cmh. The enclosure features lockable, sliding glass doors to make the enclosure easy to clean, whilst ensuring your reptile can be kept securely. The enclosure is suitable for use with a reptile safe glass cleaner.

Central Australian Desert Sand

You can help your Bearded Dragon feel at home by using natural sand. Sand enables your Bearded Dragon to dig and burrow and replicate their natural behaviours. You can use a Sand Sieve to quickly and easilly clean the substrate. Sand also helps to maintain a low level of humidity, just like in nature, which helps prevent the development of health problems. Its best to avoid having too much mositure in the enclosure, so avoid moist substrates for your Bearded Dragons.

In-Ground Reptile Water Dish

Always keep a supply of fresh, cool water available to your Bearded Dragon. The benefits of an in-ground dish is that during hot periods or when the reptile is shedding, it can soak in the dish.

Food Dish

Using a Food Dish helps keep your enclosure clean, and provides ready access to food for your Bearded Dragon. Reptile One Food Dishes can also help reduce the escape of mealworms and other live food, preventing them for hiding in substrate.

Feeding Tongs

Reptile One Feeding Tongs help ensure you maintain good hygiene and safety standards. The stainless steel tongs are easy to clean, and provide extra long reach so you ensure that your fingers are kept safely away from hungry reptiles at feding times. Always wash your hands before and after you have any contact with your Bearded Dragon.

Halogen Heat Lamp 72W

Bearded Dragons originate from warm climates, and require artificial heating in captivity to ensure they stay healthy and active. Halogen Heat Lamps provide energy efficient heating and value for money as the globes last considerably longer than traditional incandescent globes.

Heat Lamp Holder - Ceramic

The Reptile One Heat Lamp Holder is suitable for Halogen Globes and is a practical way to helping to warm your enclosure. Bearded Dragons require a 'cool end' and a 'hot end' to their enclosure, so place the heating on top of the encolsure at one end, and water at the other. Depending on how they feel and the temperature that they require, Bearded Dragons will find a comfortable position.

Dual Zone Thermometer

Using a dual zone thermometer allows you to monitor the hot and cold ends of your reptiles enclosure, ensuring they always have a comfortable place to relax. Simply place one probe at either end, and the LCD panel will allow you to switch between each probe to check on the temperature.

UVB 10.0 T8 Tube - 48 Inch

Bearded Dragons catch a lot of sunlight in their natural habitat, and UVB is vital to ensure their bone and general health. Select a Reptile One 10.0 UVB Tube and you will have a happy Bearded Dragon with strong bones. Tubes offer a wide spread of UVB than bulbs, so that no matter which end of the enclosure your Bearded Dragon prefers, the rays should still reach them.

UVB Reflector 48 - Inch

Reflectors are easy to use, pre-wired light units that suit UVB tubes. You can install the tube into the reflector, then sit the reflector on top of the enclosure with the Heat Lamp Holder.

Landscaping and Hide Caves

Reptile One has a number of terrific ideas for landscaping that look great, but also serve the important function of helping them feel comfortable and secure. Bearded Dragons love to climb, so providing a Realistic Rock Background and a Log can provide them with exercise. Hide Caves allow the Bearded Dragon to climb on top to get closer to the heat source (place it under the Heat Lamp) and enables them to hide inside to rest.

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