Turtle Eco 120

Reptile One’s Turtle Eco turtle tanks are the perfect home for your pet turtles. These tanks include a wire mesh lid which allows the use of UV producing fluorescent lighting while keeping the enclosure secure.

The Turtle Eco also features a back filter system with included sponge and ceramic noodles, a glass heater to maintain ideal temperature for your turtle and a fixed floating landing dock for your turtle to bask on.

Available in Michelangelo 60cm, Donatello 90cm and Leonardo 120cm.

Matching ROC cabinets available. Sold separately.

Features and Benefits:

  • Back filter system with included sponge and ceramic noodles.
  • Glass heater included
  • Fixed floating landing dock made of turtle safe material included for your turtle to bask on
  • Secure wire mesh lid for added security

Suitable for: Turtles

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Product Specifications

  • Product Code: 46189
  • Suitable For: Turtles
  • Dimensions: 120 L X 60 D X 50cm H
  • Colours: Black

UK Product Availability

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